Wilderness well-being

Wilderness well-being

Wilderness well-being goes back to basics. Active day outside in fresh air and beautiful nature gives your body a physical challenge and for your mind time to have some rest from every day life. Spending some time in evergreen pine forest will decrease stress hormones and helps us to achieve mindfulness. Feel how the nature can empower your body and mind!

In the arctic circle the nature has all four seasons, every seasons shows the hidden secrets of our national park differently. Snowshoe over a frozen lake under the stars while magical northern lights are dancing in the sky. Experience the joy of increasing day light and witness lekking black grouses on April. In midsummer you can enjoy the midnight sun while watching wild bears play with their cubs from a hide.

Have fun in rafting and feel the power of majestic rapids around your. Explore the National Park when the Autumn colors are at their best and take a break to pick up super food berries like blueberries and cloudberries! Listen the silence around you and take a deep breath or fresh arctic air.

In the evening Finns love to relax in sauna. Traditional smoke sauna and modern Finnish sauna are very welcome after activities. Kick back, throw water on the stove and let this ancient ritual of meditation soothe your body. Winter time rolling in the snow before dipping into warm outdoor jacuzzi speeds up your metabolism and decreases your blood pressure.

Finish your day with a tasty meal in our restaurant. Local delicaties like elk or salmon with oven baked vegetables, fresh salads and berry deserts will crown your well-being in Finnish wilderness.