Rafting on National park’s most beautiful scenery route

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We start our day with a short hike to Jyrävä waterfall along the famous Little Bear Trail. In a calm waters we practise safety issues and our guide will explain us instructions needed for our tour.

On this route we get to experience the tranquillity of Oulanka National Park, all the way down to the Russian border zone without fossile energy. Along the scenery route we’ll first experience Kitka Canyon and then some gentler rapids from class I to class II. River Kitka will take us through the magical taiga forest and you get to enjoy the silence and beauty of river.

You will enjoy all possible biotypes of Oulanka NP without walking hours and hours.

Do take your camera with you that can be stored into a dry bag to keep it safe.

Reitti: Jyrävä waterfall - Russian Border zone (I-II)

WED, THU and FRI at 12.30 pm
Age limit 7 years, duration 4,5 h.

75€ / person
45€ / child, 8-15 -years old


Private Tours

  • If you wish to have your own private rafting tour on chosen time and date the price is 440 €/raft, maximum 6 persons in one raft, duration 4,5 h.
  • National Park’s most beautiful sceneries rafting tour and river lunch by open fire 580 €/raft, maximum 6 persons in one raft, duration 5,5 h.



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