Basecamp Oulanka Restaurant

Kuvia kohteesta

Local food

In our restaurant you shall enjoy delicious, traditional Finnish cuisine. We serve organic and locally produces food, vegan and vegetarian options and local meet. In our dishes we use elk meet, salmon and chicken instead of beef and pork. Lunch time we have tasty hot soups and dinner time a three course menu.

We bake all our cakes and desserts in our own kitchen. Desserts are  made out of healthy berries and apples. Super food berries like blueberry, cloudberry, lingonberry and raspberry grow all wild in the forest around Basecamp.

We make special diets without extra charge.

We serve Finnish specialties and international beverages and spirits.

Half board

breakfast and dinner, 25 €/person
breakfast and dinner, 12,50 €/child 4-11 years old

Full board

breakfast, lunch and dinner, 36 €/person
breakfast, lunch and dinner, 18,00 €/child 4-11 years old


12 €/person
6 €/child 4-11 years old


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Herkullinen kasvislounas, kiitos!

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