Nature friendly rafting - Family route

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The trip begins with collecting our safety equipment at Basecamp, from where you will be transferred by road to the starting point of the rafting at Käylä on the bank of the Kitkajoki river. The total length of the river route is 14 kilometers and seven Class I-III rapids are navigated along the route. At first we practice on an easy I-class rapids, after this we progress onto a II-class Peurakoski and Saarikoski and then onto a III-class the Harjakoski, which offers its challenges from all directions.

The rapid power us along and the backwaters between them are slowly paddled by human muscle: allowing us to enjoy the tranquility of nature! The lake areas at the beginning and end of the route we use the power of an eco-friendly electric motor or a 4-stroke outboard motor. Our day ends at the sandy beach of Basecamp.

In addition to the guide, the raft has space for seven paddlers and two children traveling in the middle.

This trip is NATURE FRIENDLY and CHILD FRIENDLY: Even the youngest children can paddle on the calmer sections, so they don't have to sit in the middle of the boat for the whole trip!

After the trip, it is possible to have lunch at the Basecamp premises. It should be booked before the rafting. Lunch according to the price list.

Eco-friendly rafting is suitable for the whole family

Route: Käylä-Basecamp (I-III)

Rafting includes the necessary equipment, transportation between Basecamp - Käylä, services of an authorized guide, nature conservation fee and VAT.

Mon-Sat. at 11:00

age limit 5 years. Duration 3 h.

49 € / person, over 15 years old

39 € / person, 11-15 years old

20 € / person, 5-10 years old

Weekly program rates are valid from 1st June to 30th September , other times PRIVATE rates apply.

Please book your activity at least one day before 14:00!

Departures take place when there are at least four participants. Smaller numbers of participants can be announced by phone or e-mail.


If you want your group to leave or go rafting at a different time, the price on the family route is 380eur / raft. In addition to the guide, the rafts have space for 7 paddlers and two children traveling in the middle.



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