Experience – wildlife and several seasons

To experience the beauty and wildlife of Oulanka national park is our shared goal. The topography of Oulanka was formed by earthquakes more than one billion years ago. This brings many interesting features like canyons, rivers and bogs. The terrain is not so easy to wonder around. Specially the famous ”Juuman vuomat” which you shall learn, when walking Pieni Karhunkierros trail.

Northern lights are spectacle starting at the end of August and contiuening till end of March. This phenomen is amazing and always full of surprises.

Over 40 years ago Hannu Hautala came to Oulanka and starting shooting photos. He is very famous with huge amount of books. Hautala set up the photo sites, which are able to be noticed from his photos and knowing the area. These photos lead us into the arms of Mother Nature. We bring you to Hannu Hautala shooting sites, we show you the best sceneries and wildlife areas.

In arctic conditions the season and wildlife changes a lot. All the time the light conditons are different from white winter to colourful autumn, from twilight November to white nights in May, June and July. This encourages you to return again and again back to Oulanka. You are able to see the time of the year in the photos of Hannu Hautala. He has been shooting 40 years time on the same spots all year round.

We give you needed equipments and educational lessons so, that you are able to reach the wildlife. Also we let you know the best timing for wildlife and scenery experience.

During snow and ice the easiest way to get over the deep powder snow are the snowshoes in Oulanka and huskies in Riisitunturi. We organise guided and self guided snowshoe walks to you. Husky rides are always guided. In order to cover the risks of arctic conditions and coldness we equip you with needed equipment. We teach you the survival skills and making of the snow shelter.

During running water walking is a good way to reach the closest viewpoints. Starting early shows you the early birds.
Rafting is the easiest way to study the biodiversity of Oulanka national park. On rafts it is possible to get close to the animals because they are not expecting any danger from the river side. Rafting is always guided. And physically easy to carry out.

Paddling and kayaking are also possible for enjoyment.