Rafting on the crystal clear waters of river Kitka

River rafting and white water rafting by Basecamp: Smaller boats, dry and high quality equipment, sustainable use of outboards. Everybody will be paddling - "ALL PADDLE"!

Nature friendly family rafting

Enjoy the nature with your whole family paddling together. Duration 3 hours. Route: Käylä - Basecamp (rapids class i-III). Age limit 5 years. MON-SAT 11:00 and 14:45 36 € / person over 15 years. 26 € / person, 11-15 years. 16 € / person, 5-10 years.

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The Wild route

Wildest parts of river Kitka by Basecamp: No outboard engines, everybody paddles. Small rafts - lots of fun with Basecamp guides! Route: Basecamp - Jyrävä waterfall (II-IV) Duration 2 h 15 min. MON - SAT, 14:15 and 16:30. 49 € / person. Age limit 18 years.

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National park's most beautiful sceneries

Name tells it all. Whole trip paddling, no motors. Enjoying the tranquillity of Oulanka national park, all the way to border zone- Route: Jyrävä waterfall - Border zone. (I-II) WED, THU and FRI, 12:00 Age limit 8 years. Duration 4,5 hours. Price 65€/person over 15 years. 35€/person 8 - 15 years.

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The wildest and the most beautiful parts of river Kitka on the same trip. Age limit 18 years, younger can join under the waterfall. Route: Basecamp-Borderzone, (I-IV) WED, THU and FRI 12:00. Duration 5,5 hours. 95 € / person.

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