Oulanka relax

Spend a day surrounded by the cleanest air in the world and find your inner peace in Oulanka national park. You will experience the silence and tranquility of Oulanka river valley isolated from the outside world as you paddle peacefully torwards the Russian border zone. In this pristine nature you will be able to spot animals in their natural habitat, a golden eagle soaring over the river and reindeers enjoying the summer day on the sand. As we get nearer to the Russian border we will be separated from the rythm of normal life. In the wilderness we ditach ourselves from the network, all signs of civilization dissapear as we loose digital connection in our phones. The day ends with relaxing sauna yoga in a traditional wood heated sauna and a three course dinner made from local wild food. Walk barefoot on the yard of an old cottage made from old pine trees right next to the Russian border. No electricity and no running water except for the endless flow of the river Oulanka. No other sound except for a lonely cuckoos singing echoing trough the forest.

Price: 140€ Includes: All necessary gear for paddling, saunayoga, treatments in sauna, dinner, transfer back to visitor center
Duration: 10 hours
Availability: mid June-August
Maximum 12 people at the same time