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“Wild route” and “National parks most beautiful sceneries” combined. Explore, experience and enjoy the wild water rafting on the Kitka River and see the most beautiful sceneries of Oulanka National Park! Duration 5,5 h

Basecamp-Borderzone, (I-IV)
Age limit 18 years, youngsters can join the group at Jyrävä Waterfall.

Wed, Thu and Fri at 12:00.
Minimum age 18 years.
Duration 5,5 h.
95 €
/ person.


  • If you wish to have your own private rafting tour on chosen time and date the price is 475 €/raft, maximum 6 persons, duration 5,5 h.
  • Basecamp-Russia rafting tour and river lunch by open fire 555 €/raft, maximum 6 persons, duration 6,5 h.