Snowshoeing in Riisitunturi national park

Snowshoeing in Riisitunturi national park

Explore one of the most stunning places in the whole world. Snow covered “tykky” trees and a view that is out of this world, Riisitunturi is definitely a place worth to visit! Our trip starts from the edge of Riisitunturi national park. From there your guide will lead you to experience the silence of untouched taiga forest and snow covered trees that look like snow sculptures. On the way we do some tracking and quite often we see several kind of different animal tracks on the snow. If we are lucky we might even spot a willow grouse, black grouse, capercaillie, hazel grouse, hare and weasel.

Our path takes us to the top of Riisitunturi where we can enjoy the stunning view towards Kitkajärvi and with clear weather we can even see the hills of Paanajärvi national park in Russia.

Price 90 € / person
Including certified guide, hot juice, MSR/Tubbs snowshoes and poles, nature conservation fee, liability insurance and vat.

Duration aprox. 2,5 hours without transfer.

If you need transfer, please ask us for information.